Finland granted one Turkish extradition request

Finland granted one Turkish extradition request post thumbnail image

Finnish Ministry of Justice announces extradition of man convicted of robbery to Turkey in October

Finland granted Turkey’s extradition request in October, with another request pending, the STT news agency reported, citing the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

“The man extradited to Turkey in October was convicted in his home country of, among other things, robbery. With the new decision, Finland extradited the three men to Turkey between 2019 and 2022,” the report said.

In November, Finland also made a negative decision on Turkey’s extradition request, the agency specified. In late 2022, Turkey also sent a new extradition request to Finland, which is still pending, the report adds.

The issue of Turkish requests for extradition of nationals has become relevant since May 2022, when Finland and Sweden decided to submit requests to the North Atlantic Alliance, of which Turkey is a member.

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